I'm Maggie Kirkland. Nice to meet you! I'm a professional photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. I love adventure, capturing stories of people and brands, and I love teaching people how to take better photos. I've spent over 12 years as a professional photographer based in Portland Oregon.

I'm taking my years of experience photographing for brands like Nike, Adidas, Bar Method, Yakima Car Racks, Vanessa Van Edwards and Brendon Burchard and sharing my passion for teaching.

When I am not photographing my clients...

I teach photographers how to take better photos and build their own successful businesses.

I help Entrepreneurs take better photos and hire the best photographer so that they can build a powerful brand.

I teach wedding couples how to ask the right questions and have the tools and resources they need before booking their photographers and other vendors. 

If you fall into one of those categories or if you have a question, please reach out. I look forward to meeting you!

View my wedding photography portfolio.

View my commercial photography portfolio.



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