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📸 How To Take EPIC Superhero Photos with your iPhone

Apr 07, 2020

Everyone wants to be a superhero, but not everyone can be one in a photo because all we usually have is our iPhone with us. I'm here to tell you that is wrong. You can be a superhero, too, and all you need is your iPhone to make that happen.

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to look like a superhero using just your iPhone.

Things that you'll need today for this lesson are:

1. A superhero + a cape

2. You'll need to capture these photos either at sunrise or sunset

3. A nice open area where you can really use that sun in the background.

Go get your subject, your iPhone, find a open space and watch this video to learn how to capture epic jumping photos. 

Step one: is to get prepared by getting on your cape and practicing some poses.

Step two: Is to head out when the sun is rising or when the sun is setting to get that bold lighting behind your hero.

Step three: Have your subject pose in a place where you can see their whole body from their...

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How to capture the perfect jump shot EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Apr 04, 2020

In this training, I'm going to show you the secret to getting a perfect jumping shot every single time using your iPhone. I'm going to be using my iPhone 11 Pro in this tutorial, but you can use older versions as well as long as they have the burst mode setting. Whether you're into capturing an epic jumping photo or not, the point is to create new, interesting, fun and playful content helps you share yourself and stop the mindless social media scrolling o your followers and prospective clients. Capture some new followers, and have better reach as you take and share more interesting photos! 

Here's what you'll need to get the perfect jumping shot every single time:

1. A really good jumper. Somebody that can jump really high and look really awesome doing it.

2. A big open space. Somewhere where you can see the whole person's jump up in the air without anything distracting in the background. That's really going to
maximize how awesome the jump...

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How To Make Small Objects Look BIG in Photos

Mar 26, 2020

In this iPhone photography training, I'm going to show you how to photograph small objects like this dinosaur up close to make them look larger than life using just your iPhone. I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro in this demonstration, but this can also be done with an iPhone X or other smart phones that have lens options to be able to zoom in close.


Here's what you need to be able to do this on your own:

1. an iPhone or smartphone that has multiple lenses so you can properly zoom in on a small object to photograph. Try to find something under 2 inches tall

2. A setting to give the object context. For instance, I’m using a forest floor to make the dinosaur look like he is roaming wild in the forest.

Grab a small object, your iPhone, find a fun background and watch this video to learn how to make small objects look larger than life! 


Once you have your object and scene selected, tap the screen to use the x2 lens.

Now compose your shot.


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How to Create a Bright White Backdrop in Videos and Photos

Apr 30, 2019

Do you know one of the main differences between amateur and professional quality photos and videos?
LIGHTING. Lighting can make or break your message before your audience even gets to see and hear what you’re trying to say! If the lighting is bad, they might click away in a second and look no further. Bad lighting makes it look like you don’t know what you are doing, whereas good lighting makes your photos and videos come across as professional. You want to lead with the best foot forward, and that starts with lighting up your photos and videos in the best ways possible.

In this short video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a bright white backdrop in your home studio. You might be surprised to see how simple it is to do this and I’ll walk you through the most common mistakes I see people make. Take your grey-looking, or off-white wrinkled backdrop to a bright white backdrop with these easy steps. Your videos are about to get a professional...

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Take Better Selfies: How To Photograph Yourself Outside

Apr 23, 2019


“The sun is out! It must be a great time to take photos!” WRONG!

I hear this all the time at events and branding photo shoots. Ok, sometimes yes, the sun is what we want for photos. It makes colors bright and vibrant. The sky is so blue and the trees are so green. It makes the world gorgeous. It also feels great to be in the sunshine, so people translate how it feels into what they think it does for a portrait or selfie.

But I’m here to tell you, sunlight is not good for portraits and selfies.

I’m talking about direct sunlight. The kind of sunlight that comes straight from the sun in the sky and down to your face. That type of lighting in a selfie will make you squint. The shadows will be harsh and exaggerate features that you probably don’t want to emphasize. It also makes it hard to see your eyes - which are some of most important features in a selfie. We want to see your eyes open and bright. We want to see the whites...

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